Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Mountains...

Last Saturday (28/07/07) we arrived to Grenoble using the TGV from Paris. Here, we were welcomed by James (friend of CMS from Waterloo) and Delphine, his girlfriend. I wouldn't be able to describe these wonderful days in just one posting, however I wanted to report on our journey before we move to the third part of our trip. After setting ourselves in their studio room/ guestroom we went out for dinner and a nice walk of this beautiful city surrounded by mountains and full of life, as we were able to see as we took a Summer night stroll through its streets. We spent the next two nights and three days in the chalet of Delphine's parents. Their hospitality was without pair and lots of great memories from this trip are thanks to the incredible treatment we received. We did some hiking and CMS went with J, D, her father and brother and a friend of her brother, to do some rock climbing she is still excited about. They call it Via Ferrata.
Today, 1 of August, J and D took us to visit Lyon, the second largest city in France and a real architectonic marvel, crossed by rivers Rhone and Saone. Sorry guys, but pictures might have to wait until we get back to Canada. Once again, thanks to our hosts we had a great time. We are gratefull for the amability of James and Delphin, and that of her family.
Tomorrow Thursday 2 of August we take a plane from the Lyon-St. Exupery Airport to Brussels and then a train to Leuven where we will be staying for a couple of nights with Jorge (a friend of mine from the Psychometric Society) and Fanny (his wife). I am looking forward to see him again and meeting Fanny.


It's me LD said...

It sounds like you two are having a great trip. I can't believe you ran into a couple from Guate. That's so strange!
I'm sorry to hear about your tio. And it's hard when you're so far away. But you'll feel so much better once you go there.
Enjoy the rest of the trip.
You're missing a total heatwave in Toronto.

ale said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! keep enjoying.

Manolo said...

@LD: we might not be experiencing Toronto´s heatwave, but there is no "missing" (extrañar) involved. :-)
@ale: Thanks for your comments. You were right about Leuven, it is a great place. Posting to follow...